Makes Me Wanna Holler - Watercolor ($75 - $325)

Makes Me Wanna Holler - Watercolor ($75 - $325)

How our past, present and future are inextricably linked; Makes Me Wanna Holler


    All the recent brutal attacks that men have perpetrated against other men serves as the inspiration for this painting. It illustrates how everything we're experiencing today is directly linked to our past. Look closely at the chains on the left and you'll see how Africans we're packed into ships as cargo. So we shouldn't be surprised that we're still packed into housing projects. The next chain link shows the correlation between the brutality of the KKK and the fear that Black people feel from police brutality. Is there any wonder that so many Black men are incarcerated? Should we be surprised that most of the financial control is in the hands of Whites when the best of everything was for "Whites Only" for so long? The thought of it all "Makes Me Wanna Holler"



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